6 fooLPROOF steps to OUTSHINE your neighbor's Christmas lights, without going to the HOSPITAL.

Step 3 will BLOW your mind

Every holiday season, an alarming 18,000 Americans rush to the ER due to injuries sustained while setting up holiday decorations, a startling statistic from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In our COMPLIMENTARY course, we'll unveil the expert methods for holiday light installation, safeguarding you from potentially life-threatening falls from roofs.

You can transform your home into the envy of the neighborhood, as if

Santa’s elite seal team 6 from the North Pole parachuted in and crafted it into the most dazzling gingerbread showcase.

Why trust me?

  • 20 Years of Experience

I am Brennan Morrow I have been professionally installing holiday lights for almost 20 years, and have learned what it takes to not end up like Orville Wright crash-landing my way across the front yard of a customer's home.

  • Deep Determination

On top of a deep determination not to take an unticketed flight, My company Christmas Lights Factory has become the highest-rated holiday light installers in the North West because of our brilliant designs and epic customer service. 

  • 6 Step Course

In this 6 step, 30 minute course, we cover the simple steps you need to make a stellar holiday lights display. This is the same training I provide for my employees to get up to speed every year

Why is this course FREE?

To me, Christmas lights are more than just decorations; they kindle the spirit of the season, anchoring family traditions and evoking cherished memories that underscore the value of family.

Alarmingly, I've encountered over 75 clients who've suffered severe injuries while trying to hang lights themselves.

It's heart-wrenching to see such joyous intentions result in pain, and I'm passionate about preventing others from experiencing similar misfortunes.

Don’t get left behind this holiday season, and be the dark house on the block. Learn what it takes to install holiday lights like a pro.

In our course, we delve into:

  • The ideal materials for a dazzling holiday light display.

  • Essential tools for the job.

  • Designing and measuring for the perfect display.

  • Safety protocols for secure light installation.

  • Harnessing the technical expertise our professionals employ for top-tier holiday light setups.

All of this comes at no cost. It's my pleasure to impart my expertise, ensuring your safety while adding a touch of brilliance to our community this festive season.

Remember, holidays come on like a freight train, so plan ahead while materials are abundant and keep your holidays stress-free.